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How I Gained My Confidence Back..And You Can Too!!!

About a month ago I shared how I would suffer from having little self-confidence in myself, and how it would prevent me from advancing in anything I wanted to do in life. Now that I am older, I have learned some ways to build my confidence and not doubt myself. Remember, this didn’t occur overnight and it was a process. A process of healing, learning to love myself, and learning how to change my mindset.

Health is Wealth

Being called “fat” or being looked at as disgusting does not feel good. Eventually, I started to believe it myself, and down went my self-confidence and self-esteem. So, as I got older, I decided to make a change for ME! First step, I joined a gym and got a trainer. Having the extra support from my trainer was the extra boost of discipline I needed on my health and wellness journey. Not only am I being consistent by working out 4-5 times a week, I actually feel good doing it. In conjunction to working out, I focused on what I put into my body. Believe me when I say it was a struggle cutting out certain foods, but once I put it into perspective that those foods were causing me more harm than good it was easier to eliminate or reduce the amount. By focusing on my fitness and diet, not only have I lost weight, but I have been able to lower and stabilize my blood pressure.

Tip# 1: I added Nutriplus Aloe Glow and Nutriplus Meal Replacement Shakes to my regimen. The Aloe Glow aids in digestion, and the shakes aid in weight loss and provides a daily essential amount of vitamins and minerals

Stress for What???

Believe it or not, stress can be a factor in having low confidence. Constantly having negative thoughts about myself and stressing about what others thought about me was not good for my physical or mental health. Refocusing on what I thought and felt about myself would eventually decrease the amount of stress I was constantly putting on myself. Stating self-affirming messages to myself, listening to positive music, and other self-care practices served as a daily reminder of how I treat and feel about myself matters most.

Tip# 2: Lighting the candle from the Signature Collection while taking a bath, or using the lavender essential oil in my diffuser before falling asleep puts you in a relaxed and stress-free mindset.

Your Tribe is Your Vibe

Surrounding myself with people who support me and make me feel good about myself also contributed to building my self-confidence. Thinking about the countless times I would be around negative people with negative mindsets made me realize that some of their negative thinking had a negative impact on me. From thinking I wasn’t good enough to being scared of making a move towards a goal really set me back. Fast forward to the present, being around my tribe not only provides me with a sense of purpose but reminds me that there are people out there who want to support and encourage me to succeed.

Fear is my Friend

Becoming part of the network marketing industry has made me learn and accept fear as my new best friend. Remember to do it and do it scared. In the past, I would shy away from any task that would have me talk face-to-face, or approach people in general. Yes…I was the true definition of an introvert. Now, I welcome new challenges. The more I practiced being in front of people whether virtually or in withperson, the more I saw myself growing into the woman I wanted to become. I learned to embrace fear, never run from it – LEARN FROM IT!!!

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