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4 Types of Sheet Masks and Why You Need Them

Often “the forgotten one” in the skincare routine, sheet masks provide amazing benefits when added to your daily routine. What are sheet masks you ask? I like to think of them as moisturized face-shaped sheet mask that adds an extra boost. Whether you are trying to moisturize, hydrate, or brighten, there is a sheet mask made just for you! In this blog, we will cover the four sheet masks part of the Dr. C Tuna skincare line. Each mask was created to go with the following skincare lines: Aqua, Calendula, Lumi Radiance, and Resurface.

Pro Tip: Store your sheet masks in the refrigerator before use. Doing this not only keeps the mask moist and fresh, but it provides a cooling sensation when applied to your skin.

Aqua Hydrating Sheet Mask

Like our Aqua skincare line, this sheet mask provides the ultimate hydration to quench dry and thirsty skin. This mask contains PatcH20 which is a moisturizing ingredient that provides intense, long-lasting hydration that rejuvenates and smoothes the skin. Suitable for people with normal to dry skin, and can be easily used for traveling. Especially if you are constantly on airplanes or visiting places with dry climates. Having this with you will ensure that your skin stays hydrated wherever you go.

Calendula Moisturizing Sheet Mask

Another moisturizing mask, but formulated for those with sensitive, dry to extra dry skin. Infused with Calendula, it helps soothe dry and damaged skin while nourishing sensitive skin. If you aren’t familiar with calendula, check out some of the benefits:

· Anti-inflammatory properties

· Antibacterial properties used to heal wounds

· Soothes eczema

· Calms down redness, and eases skin discomfort

Lumi Radiance Brightening Sheet Mask

Having issues with dark spots and uneven skin tone? SAY LESS!!! Formulated for all skin types and infused with white sand lily, this mask helps to brighten dark and uneven skin tones. Some of the benefits of white sand lily include:

· Anti-inflammatory properties

· Helps to ease skin irritation

· Rejuvenates & Renews Skin

· Brightens and creates a radiant glow

Resurface Firming Sheet Mask

Another mask made for all skin types, but more for those in my age bracket. The 35+ club who wants to keep their youthful appearance and age gracefully. Our cellulose-based sheet mask helps to promote skin elasticity and firmness while targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Fun Fact: Did you know that by the age of 35, your body produces about 15% less collagen? The less collagen your body produces, the more vulnerable your body will become to having wrinkles and saggy skin. No ma’am, we do not want that!!!

In addition to what we learned about sheet masks, keep in mind that this is part of your self-care routine. My favorite is the Aqua sheet mask because it feels so smooth and keeps my skin hydrated. When I use the sheet mask I treat myself to an at-home spa experience. Sit and relax for 15 minutes while burning your favorite candle, and listening to chill music.

For more information regarding the sheet mask, please visit If you have learned something new about sheet masks, please share it in the comments.

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